Competitive gymnasts are required to have their own competitive leotard, club tracksuit and club poloshirt. 


Competitions Gymnasts should arrive 15 minutes before their warm up time. When you arrive at a competition for registration, find one of our coaches and inform them that you are here. The coach will register the gymnasts with the Organiser. Gymnasts should stay with coaches and parents should leave their child and go to the audience seating area.


Gymnasts are not allowed to leave the competition floor until all gymnasts in that round are finished and have been marched out of the arena. They are to stay with their coaches until marched out, and should not be approached by their parents when on the competition floor.

Gymnasts should be discouraged from eating in the run up to their warm up as this can sometimes make them feel nauseous.


Gymnasts are not allowed to wear jewellery of any kind, even stud earrings and belly rings must also be removed. 

Gymnasts should have no makeup on or nail varnish and their hair should be be tidy and held with hairspray / gel and lots of clips to prevent stray hair. 


We understand that the gymnasts may be nervous, or that the parents want to wish them luck but the coaches spend a lot of time in the run up to a competition preparing the gymnasts both physically and mentally for the competition experience, and in the past the children have been ok until a parent comes over at which point they can get upset or clingy. All of our coaches are taught how to cope with the upset gymnasts, parents should try not to worry. 


To help the parents understand why these rules are important, part of a gymnasts score at any competition is based on presentation not only of their routine both their own personal presentation. 


Marks can be lost for ;


  • Having underwear showing under a leotard.

  • Wearing jewellery.

  • Leaving the competition floor without permission. 

  • Team not wearing same leotard. 

  • Fiddling with hair, underwear during routine, this usually comes from bad habits the gymnasts have started during training by not having hair tight and wearing the wrong underwear for a particular leotard, gymnasts should come to training the way they would attend a competition.


Teams are made up by the coaches to try and get the best results for the club. In Floor & Vault competitions a team can have 3 or 4 members with the best 3 scores on each apparatus counting towards the team score.

Previous competition scores, any improvement since the last competition and a gymnast's attitude during training, are the factors we take into account when making up the teams.







Display gymnasts are required to have their own club tracksuit, club t-shirts, hoodies, joggies, display leotards, backpack and holdall. 

Gymnasts will wear the appropriate club clothing when travelling. Please remember they are representing the club.

Gymnasts should arrive 15 mins before the planned leaving time. Parental consent forms must be handed in before the day of travel. 


Only gymnasts 1st year and above are allowed their mobile phones on trips. Even at this age it is brought at their own risk. Official parent helpers will carry their mobile phones and we will ensure that all other helpers have their number in case of emergencies.  


At all times when traveling on trips gymnasts should remember the behavior declaration that they have signed.

Gymnasts are encouraged to talk to all team mates when they are away and no-one should feel left out. It is also encouraged that gymnasts make friends with gymnasts from other teams as this is great for their personal and social development. 


We understand that some gymnasts may feel nervous about going away with the club by themselves - especially for the first time. The club generally find that the initial apprehension is quickly overcome with the fun and sense of adventure of being away from home and that they will come home safely with lots of stories of how good the weekend was.


From a parents point of view we also understand that it can be upsetting to be parted from a child, but we assure you that there will also be someone to care for your child, give them a little extra attention if they are feeling sad or upset, that meals are always provided and that their safety is of the upmost importance to the club when away. 


All parents traveling as helpers have been disclosed checked and have undergone Child Protection Training 

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