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Testimonials . . . 

"Sapphire gymnastics is a great institution for young girls and boys. It's also great for the mums to take some exercises with the adult class.

My daughter Cara has been attending Sapphire for 2 1/2 years and she has gone from strength to strength. She has learned so much considering when she started she could not do a handstand. This is all down to the training the coaches provide and the confidence they have in Cara and due to this it inspires her to do her very best.

Cara has also meet a lot of new friends and all the girls have a very good relationship.

I am happy that she has found such great club."


Catherine Burns

"As a committee member at the club, the dedication and commitment of the coaches, gymnasts and parents is phenomenonal, the amount of voluneer hours that are also committed shows how successful the club has become and how much they worked tirelessly to have their amazing dedicated facility, so proud to be part of this fantastic club Committee Member."



"I am a mum of two at sapphire gym I cant tell you what it has done for my girls one of my girls is disabled she has complex medical conditions the coaches have been amazing with her and she has come on so much it has helped her pain and she loves it so much it has done so much for her self asteem its like another family my other girls learned so much about respecting others I have seen such a change in her for the better its an amazing club to be at."



"My daughter has been attending Sapphire Gymnastics for a number of years, she absolutely loves it. She started with two hours a week, which has quickly gone up to eight hours and I dont think its going to end there. She has now started saving up her pocket money tp put towards her 1:1 lessons! Over time I have seen her gymnastics skills come on leaps and bounds. The coaches are fantastic. They have a great rapport with all the kids at the club, they are patient yet firm and ensure tehy get the best out of each and every gymnast. I think they know my daughter really well and have given her oppertunities to progress in line with her skill set. As she has progressed within gymnastics her confidence has blossomed within every aspect of her life. The club itself is run really well, which is a contribute to Catriona and her team. The classes are affordable and great value for the excellent coaching on offer. It is a welcoming club, with lots of parents helping out and plenty of oppertunities to play a part. It is also an ambitious clubthat will in no doubt achieve lots in the future. I am delighted we are a part of this cluband I would highky recommend it to any other gymnast.


Irene Cronnin

"My daughter joined Sapphire Gymnastics from day one and had loved every minute of it, she has come out of her shell and has gained confidence, got fitter and has made lots of new friends."

Yvonne O'Hagan

"As a mum at sapphire gymnastics club I have watched my daughter grow into an amazing talented young gymnast. When Jodi 1st started the club she could barely do a handstand but with the hard work & dedication of both her & her coaches she has managed to achieve so much! Progressing her on through floor & vault watching her succeed winning medals to tumble which she is achieving well in & managed to secure her a spot on the Scottish tumble squad! Also display this is the discipline she loves as she not only gets to perform around the country but also internationally with her team mates whom she now classes as her friends. So from a social side of things she not only progresses through the club as a gymnast but also as an individual who has made lots of friends & is now a confident young girl to which when she 1st started she was very shy & wouldn't speak to many people! Also as a mum I have myself progressed from dropping my child off at the doors to helping at trips away or volunteering at events to general helping of running the club. Sapphire have welcomed us as part of their family & hope to make others feel as welcome as myself & Jodi has xxx"



My daughter joined the pre-school sessions at Sapphire 8 months ago and has learned so many differnt things from the club, she has not only got given the chance to learn new skills, made new friends, became more confident. She has also performed at the clubs birtday festival and now at the Christmas show. The club has not only provided for my daughter who is 3 but also for myself, I am now learning to become a coach and have gone through my course. The club gives oppertunities to everyone and above all is a truely run community club and I am so proud to be a part of it.


Michelle McMullen

My daughter daughter has attended Sapphire Gymnastics for 3 years, Beth started doing 1 day and now goes 4 days a week she would go everyday if she could !! There are classes for every level of gymnast. The coaches strive to get the very best from the kids and its great to see not only my daughter but all the children reach their full potential. The club welcomes all and is truely like one big family.


M Campbell

My daughter daughter hasbeen going to Sapphire for the past 18 months and has loved every minute. All the coaches are fantastic and bring out the best in every child, offering them amazing oppertunities from display to tumbling. You dont only join a gymnastics club, you become part of a family. Thank you Sapphire!



Kali has come so far in the time she has been with Sapphire. Having come from other clubs where I could see no progression, her progress at Sapphire has been constant and the feedback from her coaches has been excellent! Having started in recreational class she has progressed to now attending the competitive 4 piece class which she loves. She is also part of a display team and cannot wait to perform. She never tires of going and is now attending most days of the week.


Laura Cassidy

Kayla has only been coming for a couple months and already loves the club.

Caroline MacDonald

Lacie loves coming to gymnastics and it has helped her develop so much. The gym is always changing and getting new equipment and the coaches are all lovely.

Stacy Paul

Took our daughter to the 18 month to 3 class today and it was great! She got to use all the equipment and had loads of fun! The coach was amazing with her.

Ashleigh MacDonald

My grandaughter Fallon joined sapphire 3 weeks ago and what a difference because she is enjoying doing artistic gymnastics great club

Robert Jamieson

Amazing club cant believe how fast my 5 year old has progressed she has been going for 4 weeks and im stunned at what she has learned. i cant wait to get her home after her class so she can give us a wee show. the staff are all so friendly and welcoming. i highly recomed sapphire gym

Natasha Cockrane

Our boy loves Sapphire being going 3 nights a week and wants to do more , he loves his tumble class and has came on great, due to the fantastic coaches "Jasmine and Danielle".Amazing club. The coaches , office staff and the receptionist are very Welcoming and very friendly. One big family X

Raymond Docherty

Having came to Sapphire just recently have been amazed at the kindness of the welcome I have received. Just hope I can help make Sapphire one of the top clubs in acrobatics

John Hill

Excellent facilities, dedicated coaches and very reasonable fees. Highly recommend this club

Janet Campbell

Our 2 girls love Sapphire, brilliant place with amazing coaches!

Kirsten Crumless

Fantastic club. My daughters moved to this club approx 15 months ago and have excelled in confidence. The club has excellent facilities, coaches and staff. So friendly and a great atmosphere. The best move we ever did! My girls are in two different disciplines Artistic and Tumble. Within 6 weeks of moving to Sapphires my eldest daughter competed in a competition and became Artistic 10 and under Champion! All due to great coaches. My youngest daughter is now FIG Tumble. You can't ask for more!

Kez Galbraith 

Fantastic club ,,,,,my daughter has been going for 2years,her confidence is down to her amazing coaches.they have worked hard to give these kids opportunities to compete not only in Scotland but in England aswell ,couldn't say enough about Sapphire gymnastics ,can't wait to see what's next for this excellent club x

Lorraine Keogh

My little girl Jennifer started with sapphire Johnstone when she was 6 with just one class coaches were brilliant with her to moving up to 2 classes and starting sapphire johnstone display to progressing really quick to moving to sapphire maryhill  and starting tumbling when she was 6 and a half the way the coaches work with the kids is unbelievable  bringing them on so quick she also did some acro in till she found her thing which was tumble 1and a half years on Jennifer now turned 8 in August has now dedicated  herself to tumble as she is in one of the top tumble classed FIG. Plus past few week my wee boy was going to rec classes in maryhill he is 5 and once again the coaches dedication to coaching the kids he has went on to 4-5 tumble 3 times a week and personally  myself the way the club is run from office staff,coaching staff and all who helps with the club you won't get a club like it 5 stars  


Iain Richardson 




My daughter Mirren started her gymnastics journey with Sapphire Gymnastics 6 years ago. She was 8 at the time and could barely do a handstand. Mirren went onto compete in the Scottish National Tumbling championships  , winning Bronze. Mirren trains 4 days a week with Sapphire, participating in Acro, Tumbling and Display classes. She has made many friends within the club and is enthusiastic and energised  before and after each class. We hope that our second daughter Risha who has now joined the club will enjoy her experience every bit as much as Mirren. Thanks to the Sapphire Staff Team who have worked  extremely hard to provide an amazing facility in and around the Glasgow area. 





My daughter Lexie has been with sapphire for several years now, she had no previous training and I struggled to get her to join dancing etc

She soon loved coming to classes and the coaches have been great with her especially in building her confidence and developing her ability.  She has made so many friends - the club is like a gymnastics family!

Initially starting in a skills class she has had the opportunity to try all the disciplines the club offers and is now extremely happy in acro and being part of the display team, and I am confident she will keep progressing.

The coaches and staff are amazing and you are always made to feel welcome at the club.

The club do so much for the gymnasts and facility and I am so happy and proud at how Lexie has came on and that she is part of the club

Thank you Sapphire



Milly joined Sapphire Gymnastics as a beginner in March 2016 and the progression she has made has blown us all away. She learned to do a back flip within weeks and moved into a tumble class where she has went from strength to strength. Milly became a British champion in July 2017 after she won Gold at the British Tumble Finals. After that she competed at FIG level and became Scottish champion in October 2017. The coaches have done a fantastic job with Milly and know how to get the very best out of her. She is now fit and healthy and absolutely loves gym. Really excited to see what progression she can make next year.



My daughter Aimee has been with Sapphire Gymnastics Club since she was 4 years old. At the age of 2, Aimee showed an interest in gymnastics and self taught herself how to do a backbend and a cartwheel. I wanted Aimee to join a reputable gymnastics club so she joined Sapphire. Aimee is now 7 and is an FIG tumbler. The skills she has learned are amazing and that’s thanks to her dedicated coaches who put their heart and souls into their coaching. The success that the club have in tumbling is proof of this. The Sapphire team want the best for all the children that attend. I’m looking forward to seeing Aimee progress even more as I know Sapphire won’t want anything less for her. 

My daughter Catie started Sapphire in 2014 aged 11 and has enjoyed being part of the club for the past 3 years. When she started with the club she had previously done some competitive gymnastics but did not want to continue this. Sapphire had a range of classes that meant she could develop her skills without any pressure. She has subsequently joined the Junior Display Team which has been an amazing experience. She has made great friends, travelled around the UK with the club whilst continuing to participate in a sport that she loves. She has also received a lot of support and encouragement from the fantastic coaches and helpers at the club. It’s definitely a second family.

Niamh started at sapphire in 2013 participating in a weekly Saturday skills / recreation class. In 2015, she was then invited to tryout for a development display class where coaches noticed Niamhs talent for tumbling Niamh began training in the competitive tumbling class end of 2015 she first competed in March 2016 at The NDP Qualifiers at age 13+  category and placed 2nd which automatically qualifiers to compete in the semi finals in Birmingham at which Niamh placed joint 13th out of 25. Niamh made it her goal to win a British medal and began training at NDP level 5. Niamhs hard work has paid off she won 2nd in NDP Regional Qualifiers at Stirling in Feb 2016 , she went on to place 4th at Semi Finals in Birmingham in June 2016 and finally she won Silver at British Finals in Telford at a NDP Level 5 in July 2017. This club is part of Niamhs upbringing her dedication and determination comes from the strength of her coaches, the owners, the club volunteers, the parents and the kids. Team work is the most important part of this sport, this year Niamh is hoping to go through this process again at NDP level 6.




My daughter Sophie Campbell started at sapphire gym about 2-3 yrs ago ,since then she has progressed so much she has been in many competitions and was a tumbling British championship finalist 2017 . Sapphire is an amazing club the coaches and all staff are brilliant it's just one big family .

Mia and Ella have been with Sapphire Gymnastics since 2011 when they were 6 and 4 years old. They began in rec and started at the beginning! They gradually worked their way to development display, juniors and now Mia age 13 is loving the fun and creativity of seniors display and Ella age 9 is working hard towards competitive FIG tumble! 

They have learned discipline, commitment, courage as well as some amazing skills and strength work. They are part of the Sapphire family and love every minute....well they tell me they don’t totally love bar strength!!

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